Air conditioning

Air conditioning

The technological excellence of VRF systems for the construction of air conditioning plants, for air treatment, for air quality control and for the production of hot water for both heating and sanitary use. Paolini & Balzani uses this technology in many types of systems, all of which can be integrated with solar thermal and photovoltaic systems for energy production.

High performance systems realization: this is our mission. Paolini & Balzani realizes high performance plant solutions in order to have perfectly air-conditioned environment: the ideal climate solution is given by the use of temperature and air quality control devices.

The company has a long experience in use of VRF systems; these are optimal solutions for commercial areas, offices, hospitals and hotels. VRF systems guarantees comfort, safety, reliability and extreme flexibility plants.

Paolini & Balzani also proposes the hydronic heat pump for residential and commercial air conditioning.

Comfort, energy accounting reduction and CO2 emissions reduction also with use of the heat pump and heat recovery systems, able to produce hot water for both heating and sanitary use.